Is There Life And Knowledge Outside of Our Earth?

We entertain and investigate the possibility that there is life outside of earth and invest billions into this scientific pursuit, but yet scoff at the idea that there is life after death, and that God is the author of life, and has the ability to create life within any dimension or environment and define the biological, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, experiential qualities of that life. I believe that the question of whether there is life outside of earth only points to a greater question of whether life can exist beyond our humanity. 

solar system

I believe in science. But I have realized that science is a small fraction of ultimate knowledge and that human science is imperfect by itself, and that’s why science grows and changes over time. But I believe in something much greater—a deity unlike any. A divine, intelligent, self-sufficient being we call God in the English language. But this is no ordinary god created from human philosophy and religious pursuits like the millions of religions and denominations on earth. This God is the God who revealed himself through creation, used ordinary imperfect men and women to carry out His plans toward a greater purpose, and later introduced Himself in human physical and temporal form as Jesus Christ to model a new way of life. This new way of life is a preview of a life beyond the current state of humanity. This God is ultimate knowledge and life.  

I challenge you to elevate your reality. If our reality is based on only what we see or experience on earth, we are short-sighted and blind. I invite you to believe and trust in this God one day. Who didn’t just leave us in our humanity but came into it and showed that there is more to life than what we see. Through Jesus, showed us a love and relationship that is greater than self, greater than knowledge, and greater than all human failures combined. Your sins are forgiven if you come to believe in this God and if this belief leads to repentance of your selfish way of life. Because even Satan believes that this God and Jesus are real. 

If you still don’t believe, investigate this God, and Christ. I have and am discovering the strong evidence and validity of Jesus Christ. But even if you were to find the answer, you still wouldn’t believe, unless God himself gave you the heart to. Poet Ralph Hodgson once said, "some things have to be believed to be seen."