12 things I see in 5 years

I wrote this at the beginning of this year. I have taken out some more deeply personal things.

What do I see in 5 years? Where do I see myself? Where should I be?

  1.  In 5 years, I see a level of spiritual growth in me that will show I have a foundation deeply rooted on Christ
  2.  In 5 years, I should have developed a strict discipline of obedience to God.
  3.  In 5 years, I should be feeding on meat, not just milk, in spiritual things.
  4.  In 5 years, God should be master over my flesh by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. No lust or sexual sin, anger, discouragement, lack of faith, lukewarmness, and the lack of a firm identity in Christ will have a hold on me.
  5.  In 5 years, I see a wife next to me. Growing spiritually together, in harmony, continually killing sin in our lives, and our marriage.
  6. In 5 years, I see a new born child in my arms.
  7. In 5 years, I see me seeking all sorts of growth as a husband and a father. 
  8. In 5 years, I see a more consistent operation in ministry, and a pursuit of the calling God has for me in the church. 
  9. In 5 years, I see me supporting my wife in the ministry God has called her to. I see me holding her hand and praying with her.
  10. In 5 years, I see me completely done with my Ph.D. degree, and at the beginning of my career.
  11. In 5 years, I want to look back and awe at the grace of God to carry me through the past 5 years. 
  12. In 5 years, I see me with a new vision for the next 5 years after.