The beginning and original sin

I just read the first 7 chapters of Genesis in my chronological reading plan of the Bible. I am really excited to start to see God more clearly from the beginning of time to today.To see His original plan and resolution to commune with man and women from the beginning of our time. It's amazing just how God has been at the rescue and in fellowship with man from the beginning. Even in punishment, God was concerned and was caring for His creation in all of His actions. He blessed them with free will, a character that defines and clearly separates them from all creation. First, God makes man in His image, makes man to be a reflection of the attributes of God. Perhaps these attributes might be physical, capability, will, spiritual, relational, moral, ethical? Who knows. But all we know is that man rules over all other creation. Man stands out. The first marriage happens. The first sexual attraction and bonding happens. The first disobedience. The first blame game happens. The first guilt and shame. The first pronunciation of death and other consequences come into the picture. The first DEATH happens. A brother kills brother. Soon after that, murder is the most popular cause of death, until natural deaths start happening due to man's new state of mortality. God doesn't disappear from the picture even as messy as it gets. Although He pronounces consequences to Adam and Eve, God covers the shame, guilt, nakedness of Adam and Eve with garments of skin [an animal that probably had to be slain all for the sake of man]. This is perhaps the first picture of Jesus Christ we see. Can you imagine the arguments that Adam and Eve probably had for the rest of their lives: "you ate apple", "no you gave it to me", "but the serpent deceived me". Amazing.  Shortly the first death happen with Cain and Abel, stemming from the first sibling feud. Sin exponentially increased in the heart of men and women. Violence got so ugly. God is hurt and grieved that He created men and women. God prepares the earth for destruction by water. Noah (a righteous man), and his family are given instructions to prepare for the flood. Obediently, Noah builds an ark that will house the seeds that will restart civilization. It rains for 40 days. Waters cover the earth for 125 days. All living creatures on the entire planet die but a few people and animals in the ark.