The First Sin Was in a Romantic Relationship

I will be writing a post on this in the next few months. Here are the thoughts that inspired this (as I was taking a shower).

Is it a coincidence that the first sin happened to be in the first human love story?

What can we learn from this? What led to this downfall? What does this say about the state of romance, love, marriage, and sex today?

God said, everything is yours to enjoy, but this one thing. Then Satan tempted Eve. Eve tempted Adam. Adam gave in. The whole humanity was affected as a result. 

What does this say about relationships today?

Is it a coincidence that the first feeling of shame comes from the realization of the naked self-- the exposure of one's sexual self--when Adam and Eve realized their naked bodies were exposed to each other, and the outside world after they disobeyed God by “eating the forbidden fruit”. It’s not like it was a forbidden poisonous fruit, or forbidden poison, but a forbidden fruit. 

What does this say about how God wants us to approach dating and marriage?

Stay tuned.