What to Do When You Lack Something

Lack is not having enough of something. Lack is falling short of something. We experience lack when we fall short of actual or perceived tangible and intangible resources we need for living: spiritually, financially, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, experientially. Lack affects our joy and is experienced in the form emptiness, doubt, uncertainty, anxiety, worry, fear, perplexity. And these are emotions and feelings that we are always running away from, and are naturally inclined to seek abundance, sufficiency, growth, comfort, and productivity—the absence of lack. But what do we do when we experience lack, when we experience emptiness and doubt, when we fall short of our goals in our pursuit of spiritual, personal, relational, emotional, professional excellence? After all, lack is the natural familiar state of all humanity, for Christian and non-Christians alike. There is bad and good news for you Christian.